More color to the people!

More color to the people!

Back from Vadstena

TravellingPosted by Maria E. Thu, August 06, 2009 11:29
I went to Vadstena last weekend to see a friend. She is an assisting costume designer for a summer Opera (Näsflöjten), so I had the chance to see some rehersals, her studio and the pittoresque city of Vadstena (famous for its monastery and castle). Click to enlarge the photos!

Today's link: Designista - nice webshop with Swedish design.

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Back from France

TravellingPosted by Maria E. Mon, June 29, 2009 15:57
I'm back! With new energy and inspiration all the way from France. :) Will post more photos and nice links from Paris soon.

Today's link: Friends with you Studios - nice illustrations from Florida!

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TravellingPosted by Maria E. Fri, June 12, 2009 12:56
I'm off to France now! Will be back in the studio on Monday June 29th.
See you!!!

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Back from Luxembourg!

TravellingPosted by Maria E. Tue, March 17, 2009 09:35
We're back from a 4-day long inspiration trip in a camper. Five freelancers and an international magazine festival = success! Below are some photos, just click to enlarge. I will post links later this week with sweet inspiration for you guys!

Today's link:
Odla - a great Swedish forum for gardening and green hands.

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Back from Göteborg

TravellingPosted by Maria E. Mon, September 29, 2008 10:37
HEJ! I've been off to Göteborg for 4 days for the annual Book Fair in Göteborg. It's the 2nd biggest book fair in Europe, full of writers, publishers, editors and so on. I went to a lot of inspiering seminars, talked to a bunch of new and old faces and visited my old friend Natalia (soon to be a costume designer for theatre!) I bought lots of books (!!!) on which I will post later this week. Click to enlarge photos below.

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Off to Tromsö/Norway

TravellingPosted by Maria E. Wed, August 27, 2008 17:19
Will be back at work on Tuesday. Over and out.

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Off to Madrid - back on Saturday

TravellingPosted by Maria E. Tue, April 08, 2008 18:17
I'm leaving for Madrid tomorrow morning to visit Richard, Cristina and Olof. See you next week!

Today's link: Sanatorium Förlag - a lovely little Swedish publishing house.

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Short stop in Warsaw

TravellingPosted by Maria E. Wed, April 02, 2008 11:05
Last weekend in Warsaw offered: amazing food at my uncle's house, a design exhibition, a poster exhibition, interesting architecture, SingStar (for some of us), clubbing, family gatherings and a lot more! Click on pictures below to enlarge them.

Today's link: Wiktor Gorka - an great Polish poster designer!

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